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21st Century HGH Reviews



21st Century HGH is an over the counter homeopathic HGH replacement therapy or oral spray form. Manufactured and distributed by Century Designer Health Products, it promises to bring 60% to 80% of the results that can be attained using significantly more expensive HGH injections.


The treatment comes in regular and advance formula and is said to have a large following among athletes, accounting for about 90% of its users.



How 21st Century HGH Works?

Human Growth Hormones or HGH is a master hormone that controls the regeneration of tissues at the cellular level.  Their levels are high in young people compared with those of old people.  The less HGH levels, the more we age.  


HGH gets absorbed by the liver which converts it to growth factors the most important of which is the IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor, a protein complex that promotes organ health, normal blood sugar levels and tissue regeneration.


Just like HGH, IGF-1 also drops though the body’s demand for it remains, so we age.

Unfortunately IGF-1 is an “orphan drug” under the FDA list of illegal substances and is banned from over the counter sale. 21st Century HGH Advanced Formula contains an animal variety of IGF-1 that creates the same reaction in the human body.  It’s extracted from the Velvet Deer Antler that mimics the action of human IGF-1 and is perfectly legal for OTC sales.


21st Century HGH is administered sublingually to get absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the mucosal tissues under the tongue. HGH molecules are too complex to be ingested and absorbed from digestion. With either regular or advanced formula, you only need a couple of sprays under the tongue thrice daily for it to work. Spray twice after waking up, before going to sleep and anytime in between.


Each bottle lasts a month and with continued use, though results vary with age and body constitution, you can expect to feel some results within a week but it takes up to a month at the earliest for the formulation to saturate your system to bring more pronounced results.



Where To Buy 21st Century HGH?

You can order the product from its website at http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com  using its secure ordering page with the 4 major credit cards accepted.


21st Century HGH regular formula costs $55.95. There’s a $15 or $8 domestic shipping charges for USPS Express or priority, respectively.  The advanced formula costs $83.95 with free shipping on domestic orders on USPS Priority with 2-3 day delivery leads.  Add $15 for USPS Express for a 1-2 day delivery leads.  International orders are charged $35 shipping but the company doesn’t ship to Malaysia, Australia and the Middle East.


Buy two bottles of each formulation and you get a 3rd bottle free.  Same shipping conditions apply. All purchases are covered with no-questions asked money back guarantee.




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